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As a priority, the SBI and SBP are raising sufficient funding to undertake South Africa’s first, and only rigorous baseline study ever to be conducted on the small business segment of the economy. Phase 1’s early findings supported by National Treasury and SARS can be accessed here. The SME baseline study, to be peer reviewed, will systematically capture the size, nature and characteristics of all small firms operating in South Africa – their demographics, contribution to GDP, their distribution (province, sector, industry), their red-tape and cash-flow challenges, and where they fit on the start-run-grow continuum. In addition, the team will conduct polls and surveys, focus groups, consultative roadshows to towns and townships and case studies, culminating in a White Paper for a new, modern institutional framework for SMEs in South Africa. The study will provide evidence to promote more effective public positions on all matters concerning enterprise development, as well as a platform for a more cohesive voice for small business in the country’s public policy debates.

Here we also showcase related research by academics, think tanks and government agencies in South Africa and abroad to assist our members and partners to evaluate a way forward for a better business environment and inclusive, transformative growth for South Africa.

SBI Baseline Study of SMMEs in South Africa

The number of formal micro, small & medium businesses in South Africa.

The number of formal micro, small & medium businesses in South Africa.

President Ramaphosa has asserted that, “the growth of our economy will be sustained by small businesses, as in the case of many countries”.  And most of our policy documents since the 1995 white paper have laid out South Africa’s ambitions to emulate the job creating...

SMMEs, the Economy AND Inclusive Growth 

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