Policy and Research

As a priority, the SBI and SBP will raise sufficient funding to undertake South Africa’s first, and only rigorous baseline study ever to be conducted on the small business segment of the economy during 2018. The SME baseline study will systematically capture the size, nature and characteristics of all small firms operating in South Africa. It will provide evidence to promote more effective public positions on all matters concerning enterprise development, as well as a platform for a more cohesive voice for small business in the country’s public policy debates.

SBI will also work with SBP to produce an index tracking monitor, evaluating the operating environment for SMEs; a minimum of four position papers and a monthly policy brief. The work they do for us and other funders will contribute to our Indabas and our advocacy. The Centre for Competition, Regulation and Economic Development (CCRED) will be continuing its work examining barriers to entry into the South African economy and proposing ways the government can regulate for competition.

SBI Baseline Study of SMMEs in South Africa

SMMEs, the Economy AND Inclusive Growth 

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