Covid-19 for SMEs

Covid-19 for SMEs

We’ve created this separate page on our website to house the information we are unearthing that might be of help to small businesses during the Covid-19 emergency. Because things are moving so quickly, information is only emerging slowly as programmes and governance and distribution channels take time to develop. As soon as we hear about new information we will post it.

We’d love your feedback – what’s working out there, what’s not, what are you doing to spare your business and your employees and yourself from economic worry. This is a time for the SMME community to come together. Let’s support each other.

We are also posting here, as well as on the media page, the interviews we’ve been doing to highlight the pressing needs of small businesses. We hope everyone is listening!

Stay safe, stay healthy. Stay in touch.
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Support offered to SMEs 

Click on any of the below images to go directly to the different support website’s available.

Contact details for Covid 19 Relief Fund
0860 663 7867

Bizportal contact details:
086 100 2472

A free eBook from The Beancounter  
Contact the Beancounter at +27 10 006 0003 /

National Disaster benefit:
hotline number: 012 337 1997  @DeptofLabour  @UIFbenefits 

Payment of benefits to the Contributors who have lost income due to Covid -19 pandemic.

Agri-businesses who are in distress because of the Covid-19 pandemic 

Please email us your personal details on or register on
Please note that the turnaround time is 48-72 hours.

Pro bono service to South African businesses in distress to co-ordinate bank, government and stakeholder support through a structured business rescue process.

The toolkit we’ve developed has been curated from best practice content and resources. It leverages the skills and learnings from established business leaders and from 10X best practice to provide you with relevant advice that will make a difference to your business and its growth.

a Direct link to all Regulations and Guidelines for Covid19

SBI Interviews and articles

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