B4SA Guidance: How Business can support the Vooma Vaccination Weekend

In a broad effort to escalate the country’s vaccination programme, the President today officially launched the first Vooma Vaccination Weekend, which is being rolled out on Friday and Saturday, 1-2 October. In addition to public vaccination sites, about 1,000 private vaccination sites will be open on Friday and more than 550 sites will open specially on Saturday. The goal is to vaccinate 500 000 people over this coming weekend, and the ultimate objective is to vaccinate 70% of all adults by the end of the year, and before the onset of the fourth wave. By doing so, we will be able to save 20 000 lives.

We would appreciate it if you could support this initiative by promoting vaccination across all your social media, communications and marketing platforms. Below, you will find a number of links to collateral, and information.

How you can support the Vooma Vaccination Weekend:

1. Social media amplification and sharing
2. Using the Public Services Announcements included below across in-store/ in-house
3. Share the list of available private sites (link below), by printing out a list of sites in your area/s which will be open for vaccination this Saturday
4. Inclusion of this information in your e-newsletters, intranets and company notice boards
5. Share information via your bulk sms systems
6. Develop a quote from your CEO, leadership, to share across social media, supporting
vaccinations and the Vooma Weekend (message guidance below)

Public service announcements:

A number of public service announcement radio ads that we would appreciate you using within your retail or corporate radio stations, where appropriate, and across your social media channels.
Link: https://www.businessforsa.org/vooma-vaccine-weekend-radio-psas/

Private sites that will be open this Saturday:



Official GCIS messaging on Vooma Vaccination Weekend, for you to use across your social media platforms. In this regard, we encourage all members to post on social media, promoting the vaccination drive and your support thereof. Messaging included below.

Hashtags to use in your communications i.r.o. Vooma Vaccination Weekend:

#VoomaVaccination in all posts
Also use #Vaccinated or #vaccination when mentioning the words in posts
The following can be added as space allows:

And copy the B4SA handle on @businessforsa (we will share and amplify your messages of support)

Signage for in-store / in-house message amplification for employees and the public:


Official GCIS messaging for use on social media:

– Vooma Vaccination Weekend 1 – 2 October 2021. Now’s your chance! Vaccination sites across SA will be open for all of Friday and Saturday. Vaccinate To Save South Africa – and you and your family too.
– Let’s get 70% of adults vaccinate December 2021 – we can stop the 4th wave and save at least 20,000 lives. One of them could be you or someone you love.
– Vaccinate. It is thousands of times safer than catching Covid-19 and will protect you and those you love.
– Vaccination is not 100% effective in preventing you from getting infection, but even if you do get Covid-19, your chances of getting very sick or dying are much smaller.
– If you are 18 or older, don’t wait any longer! Go and get vaccinated at a site near you. You don’t even have to wait for an SMS telling you when and where to go.
– The vaccination is free to everyone living in South Africa, whether you are a South African or from another country. You can go to a government health facility or a private pharmacy that offers vaccinations, even if you don’t have medical aid.
– You are especially invited to walk in to a site near you on the 1st and 2nd of October 2021 during the Vooma Vaccination Weekend.
– Got any questions or concerns about your vaccination? Call the tollfree Covid-19 hotline 0800 029 999. It is there for you.

We thank you in advance for your support.