Dear Stakeholder

You are cordially invited to a media briefing next week Wednesday, 14 April 2021, hosted by the Small Business Institute.

SBI and their research team from SBP, the Small Business Project, will be presenting the findings and recommendations offered in a suite of research papers. Each, from different perspectives, looks at the economic and policy environment related to micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and helps answer the question how can South Africa emerge after Covid-19 with better prospects for recovery and growth? And additionally, how can small firms drive the economy as envisaged by government policy?

The first in the series, Reflections on the Impact of Covid-19 on SMEs in South Africa released in September last year is available [here]. It was followed by Digitalisation: the Best Hope for South Africa and its Small Firms, released on March 11, and available for you to read here.

Four additional papers will be released on Wednesday and the press conference includes a presentation on the key findings and recommendations.

The papers are entitled: 

  • The importance of Local Champions in Reviving Local Economies
  • New perspectives on informality: a focus on the South African Context
  • Tackling the “Disabling Environment” to boost economic growth, small business & jobs
  • And, featuring ground-breaking data analysis on our prospects for a successful localisation strategy: Local May be Lekker, but is it Possible?

Media Briefing Details:

Date: Wednesday, 14 April 2021
Time: 10h00am – 11h30pm
Place: Zoom Link CLICK HERE

Meeting ID: 860 7541 1820

Passcode: 402756

Please RSVP Kenan Pardey at by 12pm Tuesday, 30 March, to confirm your attendance.

We look forward to seeing you.