Business Day: WATCH: SA’s economy in the throes of fallout from the global crisis

Business Day TV’s Michael Avery talks to a panel of experts about the country’s economy

As we pick through the detritus in the wake of the Covid 19 wreckage its increasingly clear that theoretical relief was far removed from the practical realities of so many small business owners. The R200bn guaranteed loan scheme is a crucial centrepiece of phase two of the economic response to the Covid-19 crisis and is now one month old.

Take-up, however, has been low. To help us piece the together the information we have at our disposal to understand what is happening and how we can improve our effort to help small businesses, ahead of the revised budget tomorrow, we welcome our panel.

Business Day TV’s Michael Avery talks to Investec chief economist Annabel Bishop; former editor of the Sowetan and now CEO of the Small Business Institute, John Dludlu; Samantha Pokroy, the founding principal of private equity firm Sanari Capital; and CEO of Retail Capital, Karl Westvig.



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