Business Day: Pandemic could be the final straw for ailing small businesses

Amid the Covid-19 outbreak the government should follow global trends and support small, medium and microenterprises

In recent years the health of SA’s small, medium and microenterprises (SMMEs) has been severely compromised by our dire economy, with many small businesses across the country fighting for our lives.

With the sudden spread of Covid-19, the situation has become even more desperate, as the pandemic threatens not only the health of the global population but also the immunity and survival of SMMEs that are already in intensive care.

During this time of crisis and uncertainty for everyone SMMEs are in a state of emergency, as many businesses are suffering the blow of Covid-19 without the types of financial relief and interventions we desperately need from the already struggling public and private sectors.


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Dan Brotman and Mpho MacChambers