Thami Mazwai “A Confused Attack on Small Business Department” (January 31) is correct that the establishment of a standalone small business development department was demanded by black business on the basis of “felt needs”.

Five years down the line, however, black business is in no better position than prior the department’s establishment, and, indeed, the small business segment continues to be frustrated by the interdepartmental wrangling he alludes to.

At the Small Business Institute (SBI), we are driven by nothing more than our passion to ensure that policies in support of the small business segment are based on evidence, and we remain committed to working with all role players who share this outlook.

We are encouraged by President Cyril Ramaphosa’s determination to rethink the shape and size of the sixth administration to ensure efficacy of service delivery including the growth of small business in our country. For this exercise to succeed, it’s vitally important that we look dispassionately at the real experience of the fifth administration in supporting small business.

John Dludlu
Executive for strategy and public affairs at SBI