While kasi businesses are functional, they are however not growing as they should and are as a result,  failing to fully empower South Africans.

That’s according to the managing director at Kathorus Business Gathering, Mkhuseli Vangeli.

Speaking on POWER Up, Vangeli says most kasi businesses are failing to evolve and adapt.

Kathorus Business Gathering seeks to help township businesses play a more meaningful role in South Africa’s economy.

“We not growing as township businesses. We still operate the way we operated in the 1970s. The kota is sold the same way it was sold in the ’70s. Why are kota businesses not marketed online?

“We still use the mentality where we wait for customers to come to us while customers are online these days,” Vangeli laments.

Vangeli says they are on a mission to bring township business owners and business experts together to talk about ways township businesses can grow to world-class businesses.

“We have experts that are coming on 5 April to deal with these issues so we are inviting entrepreneurs to come join us in Vosloorus, Extension 14,” he says.

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LISTEN: Kasi businesses are failing to move with times