Politicsweb: The ANC’s no growth plan

John Kane-Berman says the party remains stuck in a mindset of fantasy, disdain for costs, and dirigiste ideology

No serious growth ideas in this wordy manifesto

The 2019 election manifesto of the African National Congress (ANC) is a revealing document. The main thing its 35 pages (as published last week on Politicsweb) reveal is that the party does not have a single idea that might put this country on a path towards the broad sunlit uplands of economic growth rapid enough to conquer unemployment.

Although there is no mention of “radical economic transformation”, the manifesto shows that the ANC is still stuck in a mindset of fantasy, disdain for costs, and dirigiste ideology. Even good ideas, such as opening up the economy to greater participation by small, micro, and medium enterprises (SMMEs), are not only half-baked but motivated mainly by a desire to break up monopolies. Nowhere is there a hint of economic liberalisation. Instead, the state will increase both its size and its power.

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John Kane-Berman | 21 January 2019