Boost your business: Funding solutions for SMEs

FinTech funding solutions company, ProfitShare Partners is striving to boost growth in the SME sector, by disrupting traditional funding models.

Entrepreneurship is often touted as the solution to South Africa’s high unemployment rate. While the SME sector stands to stimulate economic growth, the reality is that some 80% of small businesses fail within the first three years – largely due to a lack of funding and resources.

ProfitShare Partners is disrupting the market using FinTech solutions to offer small businesses access to short-term funding on valid purchase orders. SMEs with no security or financial history, located in even the most remote areas, can access 100% funding within unprecedented turnaround times – all online. The business model is based on transactions, rather than the financial history of an SME, which allows newcomers to enter the market and benefit from funding opportunities.

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*We do not necessarily endorse the political views of this article, but we are pleased to see our work gaining traction.

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Article provided by ProfitShare Partners