The Small Business Institute (SBI) says it sees that the Portfolio Committee on Small Business Development has lost its patience, and that the Department of Small Business Development (DBSD) has been for years unable to describe, let alone fulfil, its mandate. The SBI says that, by summoning senior management of the DBSD to present a revised strategic plan immediately, Chairman Ruth Bhengu demonstrates that she is as “gatvol” as they are as representatives of business chambers and the country’s SMEs, who expect the government to create the enabling environment it’s been promising since 1995. It is for this and other reasons the SBI has been saying that every minister in the Cabinet should be a Minister of Small Business. SMEs are not a “sector”; they are a segment of every sector, the SBI says. It calls on President Ramaphosa to collapse the DBSD and install a strategic, coordinating team in the presidency to oversee the transformation of SMEs from the Cinderella of our economy to their rightful place as job creators and inclusive growth drivers. The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield interviewed Jennifer Cohen (Director of Research and Advocacy at the Small Business Institute) and Aurik Business Accelerator’s Pavlo Phitidis. by CapeTalk –