12 April 2018

The Small Business Institute today rejected the resignation offered by board member, Ivan Pillay, after criminal charges were laid against him and his former colleagues in SARS.

One of the principle values of the SBI is to support and foster ethical business practices. Our Memorandum of Incorporation places high value on appropriate governance structures and behavior. As such, we would normally accept Mr Pillay’s, or any director’s, resignation who faced criminal charges. However, in the continuing political climate of diversion, retribution, and gaslighting, we question the motives of the NPA Chief Abrahams; recoil from the absence of due process; and note Mr Pillay’s well-documented record as a committed public servant who helped bring white-collar criminals to book while at SARS, saving hundreds of millions of taxpayer rands.

Mr Pillay’s current endeavor for the SBI and South Africa’s SMEs, examining where government red tape is strangling entrepreneurial endeavor, is extremely valuable. We hope he will see fit to continue this work, we do not expect the claims against him to be substantiated and we will support him until the unlikely event they are.


Siki Mgabadeli: SBI Communications Director
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SBI Office
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