Each one creates 2 – Challenge to our Provinces
At the AHI Indaba on 5 April the AHI initiative of Each one creates 2 was publicly launched.  We are challenging our members first to create 2 entry level new jobs by December 2017.
The objectives are twofold:
  1. The AHI want to demonstrate that we are serious about addressing unemployment in our country and making a difference in the lives of at least some people.
  2. We want to demonstrate that we are not relying on government to create jobs.  Government’s responsibility is to create and enabling environment, stability and certainty. As the AHI we are committed to continue to make our contribution to economic growth.
We put the challenge to all our members in the 9 provinces, the South African Council for Business Women to send us your pictures and number of jobs you have created thus far.  Every month we want to show our follow South Africans of the amazing progress we are making as the AHI family to reduce unemployment by year end. We know it will inspire others to do likewise – despite all the odds.